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How RTT Helps

During an RTT session, you are guided into a relaxed state of hypnosis where you can access your subconscious mind. The recording of your therapythen helps you identify and reframe any negative beliefs or behaviors that may be holding you back. By doing this, you can release negative emotions and patterns and create new, positive beliefs and behaviors.

RTT is called "rapid" because it is designed to achieve significant results in a short amount of time. Many people report feeling positive changes after just one session, although several sessions may be needed for more complex issues.

Common Issues Addressed

RTT can be used to address a variety of issues, such as anger, guilt, sleep problems, concentration, forgetfulness, brain fog/fatigue, confidence, self-esteem, phobias, fears, lovability, procrastination, self-sabotage, anxiety, stress, weight loss/gain, and addiction.

Couple at Home

I help individuals achieve great coping skills, manage emotions, develop an understanding, and gain acceptance - while finding peace within and learning to find joy and happiness in their lives.

Enjoying Music

RTT on Your Time Schedule

After a 20-30 minute phone consultation, we will set up a meeting via Zoom or Google Meet for a 2-hour hypnosis session where we will find the root cause, eradicate old beliefs and install new beliefs.

Personal audio will be made specifically for you to listen to for at least 21 days. RTT therapy sessions will be recorded and available to use at your convenience. This is known as RTT self-hypnosis. 

When using RTT self-hypnosis, it is important to find a quiet, comfortable space where you will not be disturbed. You should listen to the recording with headphones or in a quiet room, and follow the therapist's instructions.

It is important to note that while RTT self-hypnosis can be effective for some individuals, it may not be suitable for everyone, especially for complex or severe issues. Working with a licensed RTT therapist can be beneficial to ensure that the therapy is tailored to the client's specific needs and that the therapy is safe and effective.

You will have follow-up calls at 7, 14 and then after 21 days to discuss progress. This ensures you are making progress and addressing any issues that may arise during the self-hypnosis process.

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